Promoting Girl Guides

Check out these handy resources to help promote Girl Greatness across Ontario & Nunavut!

Advertising & Marketing
Each year, the Marketing and Communications department develops a marketing plan to recruit new girl and adult members.  Campaigns are designed to attract new members to discover Girl Guides. Advertising is placed in a combination of print, online, television, radio and out-of-home such as mall posters and Tims TV. Campaigns are reviewed annually to see what is working and to test new methods. 

Targeted ads are placed in specific communities based on needs identified by the Administrative Community Leader (ACL) and/or Community Guiders.

Each and every week, units are doing amazing activities. Let your community know all the fun and adventures Guiding has to offer. If you are planning a special outing, activity or event, contact the Communications Coordinator at and we can arrange for media coverage. 

Girl Greatness Stories
Tell us YOUR Girl Greatness story and we’ll share it on our Girl Greatness webpage! Include photos to give our members the added recognition for the awesome things they’ve done! 

Social Media
Invite friends and relatives on your Facebook and other social media accounts to join us as an adult member - or spread the word to recruit new girl members - or both! 

Post these "social sharing" images designed for online use on your social media feeds. Please right click on each image and choose “Save image as...” to save it to your computer or device. 

Share our video - Guiding is Cool!
What better way to spread the word about Guiding than with a video from the mouths of girls themselves? Share this link to a video our Ontario Girl Forum made to show other girls and young women why Guiding is cool! 

Promotional Materials

Spread the message that Girl Greatness is active in your community with the National promotional materials, available free to our members! 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Cookie selling is a great time to promote Girl Guides in your community; make sure you always have recruitment materials on hand to give to prospective parent
  • Check with your local public libraries to see if they will stock and distribute GGC bookmarks whenever a child loans a book
  • Parade goers love collecting freebies; hand out pencils, tattoos, magnets or bookmarks along the parade route
  • Ask your local stores, churches, community centres or anywhere groups of women gather if you can put up posters or leave brochures for easy pickup
Place your order today!

Please note:
In Ontario, we do not carry all of the items from the National Brand Centre. Let’s not forget, these items are intended for non-members to create awareness about Girl Guides and to encourage them to consider joining as a member. Items are chosen based on cost and the appropriateness towards recruiting new members.

Did you know that each community has a set of display materials available for loan from your ACL?  Each community has access to a retractable display banner, a sandwich board, an outdoor tear drop flag and a table covering set which includes a blue table cloth and two GGC table runners. Contact your ACL to borrow any of these materials. 

Check out the newest display resource for Guiders in Ontario & Nunavut. This tabletop display was created to allow more access to display materials.  These are available free of charge to our members.  Order yours today along with your promotional materials order! (Please note:  There is a limited supply of this product, please order only 1 per unit or 1 per Guider if you have multiple units)

NEW THIS YEAR! This newly designed parade banner is available for loan for Guiders in Ontario and Nunavut. Whether you are marching with a group or riding on a float, this banner is perfect for promoting Guiding at local parades. Please note: There are three banners available and will be loaned on a first come first served basis.

Complete the parade banner loan request form and we will confirm availability.

Graphic License Plates
In partnership with the Ontario Government, Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council is pleased to announce we are relaunching our GGC graphic license plates.

You can order a graphic plate at any ServiceOntario centre. But, if you want to stand out from the rest, personalized graphic license plates are ordered online at

Complete details on ordering graphic license plates are available at

Public Awareness Event Subsidy
Get out there and be seen! Showcase Girl Guides in your community by:

  • Entering a float or walking in the Santa Claus or Canada Day parade
  • Taking part in a Remembrance Day ceremony by providing a wreath on behalf of Girl Guides
  • Participating in local events such as Earth Day, Strawberryfest, Pumpkinfest, Bread and Honey Festival
  • Planning a unit meetings in the park or mall
  • Coordinating a campfire singalong on Thinking Day 
Brainstorm ideas with your girls; the possibilities are endless! 

  • $50 maximum per activity (not per unit)
  • Activity must raise visibility of Guiding in the community
  • Girls must be in attendance in uniform
  • Activity must not have a financial gain (e.g. cookie selling event or fundraising event)
  • Application must be submitted one month prior to start date using the Public Awareness Subsidy request form 
Recruitment Event Subsidy
Go to where families gather! Every community has plenty of opportunities to connect with families looking for activities for their daughters and women who are looking to make a difference. Not sure where to start?  Here are a few ideas:
  • Spring, summer or fall fairs such as Markham Fair, Dundas Cactus Festival, Port Hope Fair or Celebrate Barrie
  • Home and garden shows or farmer’s markets
  • School events such as BBQs, curriculum nights or annual open house 
Visit Festivals and Events Ontario to see what’s planned in your community!

  • There is no set $ for this subsidy; if the event is approved, the subsidy will cover the full cost of participating in the event
  • Activity must provide an opportunity to actively recruit new members
  • Activity must not have a financial gain (e.g. cookie selling event or fundraising event)
  • Application must be submitted one month prior to the start date using the Recruitment Event Subsidy request form
  • All contracts must be emailed to Marketing & Communications at once the application has been submitted
Recruitment Ideas
Girl Recruitment
Intro to Guiding for Girls:  offer a sampling of Guiding activities to girls from under-represented communities. If there are particular towns or cultural communities where you would like to introduce or re-introduce Guiding this might be just the thing for you! The best time for these events is spring.  Plan one today! Contact your Community Planning Coordinator.

School Recruitment:  Recruiting new girls to join Girl Guides through your local schools is an effective recruitment option. Many school boards require board level approval for any promotional material distributed through the schools. New for 2017 -  We have reached out to all boards in Ontario to distribute materials to local schools. Guiders no longer need to request school board advertising as this will be completed each spring from the provincial office. Want to take an extra step? Ask the principal at your local school if you can participate in their events such as parent night, curriculum night, year-end barbeques etc. Bring in some Pathfinder and Ranger-aged girls and coordinate a fun game to keep kids busy, giving you the opportunity to promote Guiding to the parents. 

Adult Recruitment
When it comes to recruiting new adult members, sometimes it’s as easy as asking the moms in your unit, other times it requires a bit more effort. Adult recruitment can happen at any time. A proactive approach is always best. Provincially, we are targeting adult recruitment in the spring. This gives plenty of time to complete a PRC, screening and training. 

Intro to Guiding for Adults:  an effective tool for adult recruitment. Workshops give prospective new members an overview of our mission and values, program, benefits for adults and application process. The face to face interactions with Guiders that happen at these events greatly increase the chances women will decide to join. Plan one today! Contact your Community Planner.

Parent Recruitment Letter: Think there is a mom that would make a good Guider? Use this template to reach out to moms inviting them to join your unit.  For additional information on parent recruitment, please contact your Community Planning Coordinator.

Contact the Communications Coordinator at or 1-877-323-4545 ext. 2422.
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