Join Sparks!
For girls ages 5 to 6
Sparks usually meet once a week for an hour

In Sparks, girls have fun trying a bit of everything and begin discovering their individual skills, talents and interests. Girls will make lots of new friends, start earning badges and getting to know what Guiding is all about.


Your Spark could experience these activities.

  • Discovering the community through outings to places such as a fire station, a farmer's market or a neighbourhood landmark
  • Exploring the arts by making collages or creating a dance
  • Having fun preparing simple snacks
  • Discovering the outdoors on a nature scavenger hunt
  • Having sleepovers or going to a weekend camp

The Sparks Uniform

The versatile Sparks uniform allows girls to participate in the wide range of activities that Guiding is all about.

Buy a Sparks Uniform

Spark promise
I promise to share and be a friend.

Learn more about the program and how your Sparks can earn badges here.

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