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Trefoil Guild

adult mbrs_tug-o-war-sm2013-2014 Trefoil Guild Membership Renewal

Trefoil Guild Members renewing their membership pay the National membership fee of $50.00 unless they are:
• Unit Guiders
• Aged 75 or older by December 31, 2013. Your birth date must be registered in iMIS to qualify for this exemption
• Honorary Life Award recipients
• Community Guider, Trainer, Resource Guider, Specialty Community Member or Provincial Adviser

Click here to renew your membership online. If eligible, you will be able to select an option to indicate you are exempt from paying the National membership fee.

Click here to renew your membership by mail. You will be able to indicate on the form if you are exempt from paying the National membership fee.

Click here for information on Police Record Check (PRC) renewal 


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2014 National Trefoil Gathering   

Blossom with Trefoil

September 26-29, 2014

Queensland, Australia

Click here for information on the 2014 Gathering

Click here for registration details, please note that registration for this event is to be done directly with the Trefoil Members of Queensland Australia

Trefoil Guild Members Support: 

Canadian Guiding Badge and Insignia Resource 1910-2010

Awards & Recognition

The presentation of awards and recognition is part of the girl core program in the form of pins, badges and certificates as well as praise from others. Adult members also receive awards and recognition through nominations by other members. There are both national and provincial awards.