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Promoting Girl Guides

Thank you for visiting the Promoting Guiding page and for taking a step to spread the message that Girl Greatness Starts Here!


It’s once again time for Try Now. Join Later.

For the months of April, May and June, girls can try Girl Guides of Canada, the original activity-based organization for girls in Canada and receive their Membership Fee for FREE*!  *Weekly activity dues and special event fees may apply.  For more information click here.

RECRUITMENT & ADVERTISING– Invite girls and women to join Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada.

  • Bring a Friend
  • School Recruitment
  • Recruitment Event Subsidies

PUBLIC AWARENESS– Spread the message that Girl Greatness is active in your community.

  • Promotional Material
  • Display and Banners
  • Public Awareness Subsidies
  • Media
  • Photo Submissions

GIRL GREATNESS -Showcasing our members in actions is the best way to promote Girl Greatness. Check out our stories.

Who to Contact

For additional support on promoting Guiding in your community:
Marika Hill, Grow Strategy Administrator, or ext. 2423

For support on reaching out to under-served areas in your community:
Jennifer Maurice, Community Engagement Coordinator, or ext 2421

For support on additional strategies:
Mary Porto, Grow Strategy Coordinator, or ext. 2422

Awards & Recognition

The presentation of awards and recognition is part of the girl core program in the form of pins, badges and certificates as well as praise from others. Adult members also receive awards and recognition through nominations by other members. There are both national and provincial awards.