National Trefoil Guild Liaison Position Description

Member Volunteer Opportunity

Are you an experienced Trefoil Guild member who is passionate about keeping the spirit alive? Do you see yourself engaging and supporting other Trefoil Guild members? Then this might be the opportunity for you!
The National Trefoil Guild Liaison collaborates with and supports adult members involved in the Trefoil Guild by liaising with Trefoil Guild members across Canada and the Member Services department at GGC.

Who can apply:

  • Active Trefoil Guild members

Who you are:
We are looking for an active Trefoil Guild member who is enthusiastic about keeping the Trefoil Guild members engaged and informed. Ideally you are someone who:

  • Is committed to GGC’s Mission and Vision
  • Is committed to maintaining the positive image of GGC
  • Has experience as a Trefoil Guild member
  • Is able to effectively engage and support Trefoil Guild members
  • Can build and maintain strong relations within GGC
  • Can work independently and as part of a team
  • Has strong interpersonal, leadership and facilitation skills
  • Has strong communication skills
  • Has good time management skills
  • Can prioritize, be creative and take initiative
  • Can respond in a timely manner
  • Has previous experience as a committee chair

What you’ll do:
Support and keep Trefoil Guild members engaged in the GGC Mission and Vision:

    • Attending the triennial National Trefoil Guild Gathering as an ex-officio Member of the host province planning committee and carrying out other duties as specified in A Guide to Gatherings.
    • Promoting Trefoil Guild activities, initiatives, publications and events.
    • Providing information to Trefoil Guild members regarding the nation-wide initiatives of GGC and advising Trefoil Guild members of opportunities available to them to continue to contribute to GGC.

You will also work in close collaboration with the National Member Services department staff to:

    • Research, advise, and inform regarding Trefoil Guild engagement strategies, issues and related activities.
    • Advise Member Services on topics for the semi-annual Trefoil Guild News newsletter, as well as collect stories from the membership and contribute content for this publication.
    • Monitor, update and maintain Trefoil Guild communications and promotional media.
    • Participates in conference calls as needed.

Your Commitment:

  • A three (3) year term starting January 2020.
  • Approximately 5-7 hours per week. The position may require travel to the National Office.

Application Deadline: Sunday, November 17, 2019
If you have any questions, please contact

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