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Girl Guides of Canada Link Program

The Link program is all about creating opportunities for young women aged 18 – 30 to grow, take on new challenges and deepen their involvement with GGC. Members taking part in the Link program may also hold other roles in Guiding e.g. Unit Guider.
The objectives of the Link program are for young women to:

  • Gain an increased ability to lead and advocate within Guiding
  • Become more engaged with Guiding through new social connections, as well as gain a sense of purpose and accomplishment
  • Participate in skill-building activities and new experiences that leave you better equipped to navigate the transition to adulthood

The Link program has four themes: Personal and Professional Development, Outdoors and Adventure, Health and Well Being and Active Citizenship. Within each theme there are activities you can complete and earn theme crests.

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While the Link program can be completed individually, it is designed to inspire social connection between young women in Guiding. For that reason, Link members join local Link units. Link units are groups of young women within a specific geographic area that get together to complete the Link program. Together, they decide on their goals for the program, the amount of time they want to commit and which themes and activities they will participate in. Link units are self-directed and participation is voluntary.

Link units in Ontario:

  • 1st Windsor Link Unit
  • 1st London Link Unit
  • 1st Guelph Link Unit
  • 1st Waterloo Link Unit
  • 1st Hamilton Link Unit
  • 1st Oakville Link Unit
  • 1st Mississauga Link Unit
  • 1st Toronto Link Unit
  • 1st Newmarket Link Unit
  • 1st Whitby Link Unit
  • 1st Kingston Link Unit
  • 1st Ottawa Link Unit

To join Link, email your name, iMIS ID and the Link unit you want to join to or start your own unit by including the name of the new unit and the names and iMIS IDs of the members joining the unit.
To find other Link members in your area, Ontario Link has a Facebook group which is used by many Link members to connect with each other. Submit a request to join the group.

Frequently asked questions about Link

2018-19 Link membership renewal
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Hello Ranger members! 
Are you turning 18 in 2018 and want to renew your membership for the 2018/2019 Guiding year as a Link member?
Submit your Adult Membership Application online (coming soon) after your 18th birthday to ensure your membership does not lapse! If you have questions about becoming an adult member, email

Information on Police Record Check (PRC) and Code of Conduct renewal

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Trefoil Guild

West Ottawa Wanderers Trefoil Guild HikeTrefoil Guild membership is for women from age 30 to whenever! Belonging to a Trefoil Guild is a great way to connect socially with other adult members of Guiding, as well as a way to support girls and Guiders through such activities as fundraising or event planning. 

Membership in the Trefoil Guild is open to women over the age of 30 who are current fully-screened members of Girl Guides of Canada. All members are entitled to wear the Trefoil Guild Pin with the appropriate adult uniform or the pin may be worn out of uniform.

Not a member of Girl Guides of Canada? You can apply to join us! Trefoil Guild members follow the same screening process as volunteers. Learn more about adult membership and the screening process.

2018 - 2019 Trefoil Membership Renewal
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Trefoil Guild Resources
Police Record Check (PRC) and Code of Conduct Renewal
Ontario Trefoil Guild Handbook
FAQs Financial Guidelines for Trefoil Guilds 
National GGC Trefoil Guild FAQ's (Member Zone login required)

Joining an Ontario Trefoil Guild

List of Ontario Trefoil Guilds

If you know the Guild you wish to join, email membership support at
with your name, iMIS ID and the Guild you wish to join. Membership Support will forward your contact information to the Guild President.
If you don’t know the Guild you wish to join, email the Trefoil Guild Adviser at
, and she will be able to help you find a Guild.

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