Ontario Challenges

Every girl in Guiding deserves the same amazing experience. That’s why we’ve created one program platform that makes finding what you want to do fun and easy. We’re still working on moving all our programming to one place. In the meantime, you can click on the links below to find provincial programs near you.

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World Thinking Day 2021 crestWorld Thinking Day Challenge 2021
On February 22, join Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from 150 countries to celebrate World Thinking Day 2021. This year’s theme is peacebuilding; standing strong, standing up and standing together to build peace in an environment that includes everyone. By completing the virtual challenge, Ontario and Nunavut units will be eligible for a free crest (crests can be ordered for a cost nationwide). The challenge will only be available until May 2021. Crests can be ordered here.

STEMinist Challenge
Hold onto your lab coat! If you love asking questions, designing experiments and pushing the limits of your imagination, then this limited-time challenge is for you. Girls who complete the challenge will also be working towards program badges. This challenge is only available until the end of June.

Future Voters Challenge CrestFuture Voter Challenge
Elections are a time when people from a community, province, territory or country all have a say in the values they want their leaders to have. Girls who complete the challenge will earn the Future Voter Challenge crest and work towards Connect and Question program badges.

2019-2020 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge2019-2020 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge
Congratulations to Ann Lalonde and the 1st Oxford Mills Guides for submitting the winning 2019-2020 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge.

Happy Trails ChallengeHappy Trails Challenge
This challenge was designed by Mona J., a 3rd-year Guide in the 2nd Ontario Lone Unit, as part of her Design Your Own Badge project. Mona’s challenge was inspired by the Bruce Trail, a hiking trail going 900 km along the length of the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario. Mona encourages every girl taking this challenge to find a trail in her community to have fun and explore nature.

Land Surveyers ChallengeLand Surveyor Challenge 
Surveying is the technique, profession and science that’s literally shaping our world! This challenge will introduce girls to the science behind the technology and day–to-day experiences all around them. Upon completion of this challenge, girls will be better equipped to fulfill the GGC vision “a better world, by girls.”

Sing Ontario Sing 2018-2019 Crest2018-2019 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge(crest no longer available)
Congratulations to Sheri Campbell and the 2nd Meadowbrook Guides for submitting the winning 2018-2019 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge. This Guiding year, the theme is Around the World in 80 Songs.

2017-18 Sing Ontario Sing crest2017-2018 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge (crest no longer available)
Congratulations to Kristen Hamilton and the 1st Huntsville Pathfinders for submitting the winning 2017-18 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge. They will be working hard to select songs and determine the criteria for the chosen theme "Celebrate Canada 150".

2016-2017 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge  (crest no longer available)
Congratulations to Sharon O'Connor and the 2nd Kanata North Rangers for submitting the winning 2016-2017 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge. They have worked hard to select songs and determine the criteria for their chosen theme.

 All Seasons Challenge 
Experiencing the outdoors is an important part of the Guiding program. These activities aim to get units and girls outside throughout the year during regular meeting times.

2015-2016 Sing Ontario Sing Challenge - Lend a Voice (crest no longer available)

Ontario Trefoil Challenge
This challenge was designed by the members of the 2nd Moira Trefoil Guild for their sister Trefoil Guild members, as a tool to help with activity planning. The Ontario Trefoil Challenge gives members the opportunity to explore, experience, learn, share and have fun through the sisterhood of Guiding.
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